A Few Words About Us

Bay Area Carpet Cleaning Pros is a diligent carpet cleaning service that is constantly looking for ways to improve. What started as a simple carpet only service has developed into a fast growing cleaning service for not only carpets, but also upholstery, air ducts, tile & grout, mattresses, and more. We strive for the highest quality that we can provide and are looking for every possible way to improve our already amazing service.

Why Choose Us?

Our intuitive team of experts combined with our professional technicians have been working together to improve our services and take them to new heights. Along with our already low prices, we offer coupons to first time customers. Our goal is to ensure that you are more than %100 satisfied with our services, so give us a call today, we’re here to answer all of your questions!


  • The technicians at Bay Area Carpet Cleaning know what they’re doing. They give you the exact price before starting the job so you can make your decision. If you’re looking for a professional carpet cleaning service I would give Bay Area Carpet Cleaning a call for a free estimate.

    David Price, Walnut Creek
  • I just purchased a house and needed to clean the carpets in my old apartment before I moved out and in my new house before I moved in. They cleaned both of my places and gave me 10% off for being a first time customer and also for hiring them for 2 jobs!

    Shannon Wentz, San Francisco
  • I have been allergic to carpet cleaning chemicals in the past so I called Bay Area Carpet Cleaning and asked them about their procedure, they explained their steam clean method so I decided to give it a go. Bay Area Carpet Cleaning was very respectful and cleaned my carpets chemical free! Thanks for the help!

    Jack Silva, Alameda
  • For some reason dust builds up in my house like crazy so I get my carpets cleaned all the time. I have used Bay Area Carpet Cleaning quite a few times now and they have done an amazing job each time. Thanks for always coming out when I need some cleaning done!

    Tricia Ross, Sunnyvale
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